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Xiangfu District rural drinking water safety project bidding plan

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 Xiangfu District rural drinking water safety project bidding plan

In order to facilitate the potential bidders to timely understand the bidding information, nowKaifeng Xingxiang Water development investment construction Co., LTDThe tender plan is published as follows:


Project name

Project profile

Estimated investment (ten thousand yuan)

Estimated bidding time




Xiangfu district rural drinking water safety project

The construction contents of this project: mainly target at Zhai Zhai Water Station, Chengzhai Water Station, Zhuxian Town Water Station, Bali Wan Water Station, Qiu Lou Water Station, Xinglong Water Station, Dulang Water Station, Chenliu Water Station, Damayingwater Station, etc The construction works, pipe network pipes, equipment and facilities of 9 water stations were upgraded



The investment in the actual bidding announcement shall prevail


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