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Kaifeng Xiangfu District 40 million broiler whole industry chain project bidding plan

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In order to facilitate the potential bidders to timely understand the bidding information, nowKaifeng Xingxiang Agricultural assets Investment management Co., LTDThe tender plan is published as follows:


Project name

Project profile

Estimated investment

Estimated bidding time




Kaifeng Xiangfu District40 million broiler whole industry chain project

The project will build ten new broiler farms, supporting feed plants, cooked food processing plants and cold chain slaughterhouses, with a total planned land area686034.3 square meters (1029 acres), the total construction area of the project 234,720 square meters。Construction content: New chicken house, feed factory, cooked food processing plant, cold chain slaughterhouse, office building, auxiliary room, air energy room, while supporting manure farm, tertiary sedimentation tank, greening, factory road, wall, gate, guard and other auxiliary works



The actual tender announcement shall prevail

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