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Kaifeng City Gulou District Madao Street 32 north number 3-4 rooms and other 5 real estate three-year lease rights public disposal project

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Auction notice

On behalf of our company20243610At the public auction in the conference room of Public Resources Trading Center of Kaifeng Citizen's Home:1Kaifeng City Gulou district Madao Street32Number north number No3-4Three year lease of one room, size 185.6㎡;2East section of Freedom Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng City571-2Layer, inner ring east Road south section171No. Linnan third floor house for three years lease management, area495.05 ㎡;3Kaifeng City east Street Huayuan community1Building number one from east to west1号房1-2Three year lease right of floor house, area121.74 ㎡;4Kaifeng City Gulou District temple back street94No. (South Bookstore Street1号)附1Three years lease management right, size7.765㎡;5Kaifeng City Gulou District temple back street94No. (South Bookstore Street1号)附2号房Three year lease right, area7.765(Please contact our company for details)。From now on display, interested bidders please hold valid documents to our company for bidding procedures and in20243 5 16Time before will deposit1Transfer RMB 10,000 to the designated account。If the bid is unsuccessful, the deposit will be refunded without interest。(Please visit our website for more detailswww.nastyasia.com


Display address:Location of object

Consulting telephone: 13569504040

Industry and commerce supervision telephone:23988841


Deposit bank: Henan Bianjing Rural Commercial Bank

Margin Account number:0000 0114 5810 3036 1012

Account name: Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center Co., LTD


Henan Dehou auction Co., LTD


Note of special matters:

All the properties have no real estate title certificate, the auction price is to show the current status of the real estate annual rent, after the auction is completed, the buyer shall not raise any objection to the real estate area。

②123The original lessee has the priority to lease the property。

After the auction is completed, the buyer (lessee) shall be consistent with the legal representative or operator of the business unit (subject to the registration of the industrial and commercial business license), otherwise it shall be regarded as a breach of contract, the client has the right to recover the lease right of the house, and the buyer (lessee) shall bear no less than the loss for breach of contract of the house lease deposit。

Documents required for registration:

1.Business license (or ID card), corporate ID card, power of attorney and trustee ID card。

2.Other conditions required by the Center or in the auction announcement。




1The original must be provided at the time of registration。

2Copies of various documents and materials shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit, and documents and materials shall be stamped with a full seal。   

3The photocopies of documents issued are used uniformlyA4Paper, in duplicate。



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