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Tongxu County, December 27, 2022 vehicle auction announcement

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On behalf of our company202212271030In the first bid opening room of Tongxu County government Service Center for public auction: a Buick。Interested bidders are invited202212261600Bring proof of identity and security deposit5000Yuan to Tongxu County government service center on the fourth floor of the acceptance department for registration and bidding procedures。No bid, no interest marginRefund in full。

Enquiry telephone: 13569504040  

Show Time:20221219--20

 Display location: the location of the target   

Industry and commerce supervision telephone:23988841
Margin account number and bank:

Account name: Tongxu County Public Resources Trading Center Co., LTD

Account bank: Tongxu County Rural Commercial Bank

Bank account number:00000169499550332012



          Henan Dehou auction Co., LTD


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