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Henan public letter auction announcement

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Henan public letter auction announcement
Commissioned, set for 202242115时在Weishi countyPublic resources trading center open auction15 cars and small buses(Models: Passat, Buick, Beijing Hyundai, Chevrolet, Kerry, etc.) See the auction details。Interested bidders are invitedOur companyTo complete the bidding procedures, bring valid documents and pay the security deposit10000元,The registration period is closedBefore 17:00, April 20, 2022 (Bidders are required to provide 48 hours nucleic acid certificate and double code normal before entering the auction venue)Bid unsuccessful, deposit refundable without interest。
Show time: 20220419-20
Exhibition venue:Weishi county county party hospital
Consultation phone: 13849158445  
Company address: Kaifeng City Daliang Road Tokyo InternationalBusiness Room 6, Building 5
Henan public trust auction Co., LTD


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