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Auction announcement

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Auction announcement
Entrusted by the relevant units, our company is scheduled202268Sunday afternoon15At the time of the public resources trading center in Weishi County, a bid opening room on the third floor of the public auction: a batch of equipment assets listed in the asset disposal table provided by the client。Mainly for the north two-color web offset press, oval binding machine, multi-horse stapler, Beijing shield automatic bundling machine,YOUNGSUNBundling machine, bending machine, etc., package the whole auction。
The subject matter of this auction shall be auctioned as it is, and each bidder shall visit the site of the subject matter during the exhibition period to carefully judge the current situation of the subject matter。For interested bidders, please20226717Before the time, pay a bid deposit of 10,000 yuan to our company to the designated account (账号:  462080100100039492  Account name: Zhengzhou Wanjia Asset Auction Co., LTD  Opening bank:Industrial bank Zhengzhou east Street sub-branch),The bidding deposit is subject to the actual arrival of the account. Each bidder should pay the deposit before the deadline. The bidding deposit will not be accepted after the registration deadlineNo transaction within 5 working days to return the full amount of interest-free (bidding margin is not accepted cash, wechat, Alipay and other transfers)。And before the auction is held with a copy of the original valid certificate,Double green code,48Original or electronic printout of negative nucleic acid test report within hoursAnd pay the bid deposit certificate printed copies of registration materials at the auction site to complete the relevant bidding procedures。
Auction display: from the date of announcement
Place of display: the place where the object of auction is located
For more information call:15838317721  0371-68860206  
                                             Zhengzhou Wanjia Asset auction Co., LTD

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