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Weishi County Sports Center upgrading project (second) - bidding notice

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Weishi County Sports Center upgrading Project (second)

Calibration notice

1. Project name and number

1Project name: Weishi County Sports Center upgrading project

2, Project number:JSGCGK-2023-057

Second, calibration time

The project calibration activities are scheduled202402221000It is hereby notified that it will be conducted in the calibration room of Weishi County public Resources Trading Center。

3. Contact information

Tenderer: Weishi County National Fitness Center

Address: Weishi County culture Road west section

Contact: Mr. Li

Contact information:0371-27961603

Bidding Agency: Zhongsheng Haoze International Engineering Management Co., LTD

Add: Dongfeng Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City28号院21号楼

Contact: Mo Xiaofei, Liu Xinjing, Guo Zhikun

Contact information:0371-22026037

Supervision department: Weishi County construction project bidding office

Contact information:0371-227126880371-27990065



Download attachment:Calibration notice

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