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Weishi County 2023 second batch of rural road construction project (Phase II) suspension announcement

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I. Project name:Weishi county2023The second batch of rural road construction projects (Phase II)

Ii. Project Number: Weizhan [202403

Iii. Reasons for suspension:

Due to changes in the project, the project will be suspended. The specific start time will be announced separately。

All potential bidders should pay attention to the subsequent announcement, and the specific bid opening time shall be subject to the subsequent announcement。We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the bidders。

4. Media for announcement

This announcement is also published on the "China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform", "Henan Electronic Tendering and bidding public service Platform" and "Kaifeng public resources Trading Information Network"。

5. Contact information

1.Tenderer: Weishi County Rural Road Construction headquarters

Address: Weishi County Jianshe Road north section227

Contact: Mr. Sui

Contact information:0371-22711996

2.Agency: Henan Zhengkun Construction Engineering Consulting Co., LTD

Address: Tanan Road, Liberated Area, Jiaozuo City569-403

Contact: Ms. Li

Contact information:0371-22028657

3.Supervision unit: Weishi County Transportation Bureau

Contact information:0371-27991216


Download attachment:Weishi County 2023 second batch of rural road construction project (Phase II) suspension announcement

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