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February 2024 Kaifeng City agency practitioners ability assessment report

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 20242Kaifeng city agency practitioners

Ability assessment report


Kaifeng Public resources Trading Management Committee office has been organized and completed2024年2The agency staff ability assessment work, the relevant information is now reported as follows:

2Monthly number of participants50People, the number of people who passed the assessment27People, before grades3Their names are: Zhao Youwen89 points, Meng Xiangzhi 87 points, Zhou Haoran 86 points;Failed evaluator23人。Those who fail the assessment can participate in the assessment again at any time。

It is hoped that all agency practitioners pay attention to the study of policies and regulations, improve the production level of electronic bidding documents, effectively improve their own business capabilities and service quality, and jointly promote the efficient development of the industry。




Kaifeng City public resources trading Management Committee office


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