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2023 Road Sponge transformation project Neishuncheng Road (Daliang Road - Libianqiao) road sponge transformation project bid extension announcement

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          Our workIn 2023 road sponge transformation project, Shuncheng Road (Daliang Road - Libianqiao) road sponge transformation project is stipulated in the bidding documentsThe bid inviter shall receive the evaluation reportCalibration will be completed within 10 days,Due to the long time required to handle the relevant procedures of the bid evaluation, the bid evaluation activities cannot be held on timeTherefore, the calibration time is postponed toMarch 12, 2024 14Bidding will be conducted at Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center at 00:00. Each candidate can go to the hall on the fifth floor of the Citizen's Home to watch the bidding meeting in real time through the electronic large screen. Those who do not attend the site will be regarded as the default bidding result of the project and have no objections



Kaifeng City Administration Bureau (Kaifeng City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)


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