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The first batch of supplementary cultivated land projects in Tongxu County in 2024 - Announcement of the results

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Henan Province pioneering project Management Consulting Co., Ltd. by the Tongxu County Jintong Land development Investment Co., LTD., on the Tongxu county2024The first batch of supplementary farmland projects of the year will be open to tender2024223Bid opening and evaluation activities were conducted in Tongxu County Public Resources Trading Center in accordance with the law。The bidding committee shall, in accordance with the bidding principles, methods and procedures202435In the first bid opening room of Tongxu County public resources Trading Center, the bid was calibrated by random method。The bidding results are now announced as follows:

1. Description of the bidding project

1.1Project Name:Tongxu county2024The first batch of supplementary farmland projects of the year

1.2Project Number:HNKC-2024-003

1.3Source of funds:self-financing

1.4Total investment:1466926.26

1.6Bidding scope: construction drawings, bill of quantities, bidding documents, minutes of questions and answers and all contents within the scope of change notice

1.7Determining the winning bidder: This project adopts the evaluation separation method to determine the winning bidder。

Ii. Division of bid sections

2.1Section name:Tongxu county2024Construction of the first batch of supplementary arable land projects

2.1Section division: The project total1section

2.2Quality requirements:合格

2.3Bidder qualification requirements:

1The bidder has the status of an independent enterprise legal person, Have a valid business license;

2Qualification requirements: Bidders must have the municipal public works or water conservancy and hydropower projects issued by the construction administrative department of general contracting level 3 and above qualifications, and has a valid safety production license;And in the personnel, equipment, capital and other aspects of the corresponding construction capacity。

3Personnel requirements: The project manager to be dispatched must have a valid professional construction engineer qualification of municipal public works or water conservancy and hydropower (excluding temporary),Have effective safety production assessment certificate,And has not acted as project manager in other projects under construction and issued a no-construction commitment;The technical person in charge shall have the intermediate or above technical title of the relevant professional;

4Social security requirements: The project manager, technical person in charge and entrusted agent to be dispatched by the bidder must be an employee of the unit and pay pension insurance in the unit (provided202311Social security certification materials paid for any consecutive three months since SeptemberThe newly hired personnel shall be counted from the date of appointment and shall not be issued earlier than the time of publication of the announcement);

Other requirements:

1Financial requirements: have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system (provided202020212022Annual financial audit report of the newly established company, provided since its establishment);

2In the three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities。(Self-commitment, self-designed format)。

3Reputation requirements: Bidders who are included in the record list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement, major tax law and untrustworthy subjects, and serious illegal and untrustworthy behaviors of government procurement refuse to participate in the bidding of this project。Provide "Credit China" website ( or China Executive Information Disclosure Network ( of the "dishonest person subject to enforcement" query result page, "Credit China" website ( of the query result page of "Major tax violation and untrustworthy subjects" and the website of "Chinese Government Procurement"( of the query result page of "Record List of serious illegal and dishonest behaviors in Government procurement"。The screenshot of the query result page shall be stamped with the official seal of the bidder, and the query time shall be after the release of this announcement. The screenshot information of the relevant webpage shall include the query time。

4The project does not accept the bid of the consortium。

三、Bid opening time:20242230930

Bid evaluation time:2024223300

Calibration time:2024351500

List of Bid Evaluation Committee members:1, leader of the judges:Zhang Yaomin


2, other judges:Zhao Hongwei,张渤,Shan Peitang,Li Guoqiang

List of members of the Bidding Committee:1.Calibration team leader: Xi Chao

2.Other tenderer: Li Sha 刘伟

五、Check information

Section 1:The evaluation Committee will conduct evaluation verification of the evaluation candidates。The verification content includes the qualification certificate of the candidate, the project manager's certificate and social security information, performance, financial status, corporate credit information, corporate bribery and bribery information, etc. ( Verification website: National construction market supervision public service platform;Credit China Upon verification:Henan Duzheng construction engineering Co., LTDHenan Zhida Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Guanzhou construction Co., LTD3All companies have passed the verification。

6. The information of the winning bidder is as follows

First lot

Full name of the winning bidder:Henan Zhida construction engineering Co., LTD

Total bid price:Uppercase: One hundred four thousand five thousand seven hundred four thousand four thousand yuan land corner four points lowercase:1465744.64

Project Manager:Zhu Dengpan

Certificate number and name: Class II Construction Engineer registration Certificate  241202193718

Bidding quality:合格

Bidding period:60 Calendar day

Enterprise qualification level:Municipal public works construction general contracting level, building decoration and decoration professional contracting level

7. Contact information

1.Tenderer: Tongxu Jintong Land Development Investment Co., LTD

Address: West section of Shui Wo Qian Street, Tongxu County

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Contact number:0371-24802298

2.Purchasing agency information

Name: Henan Kaichuang Engineering Management Consulting Co., LTD

Add: Yufeng Road, Tongxu County, Kaifeng City3

Contact: Ms. Liu

Contact information:0371-24990996

3.Supervision unit: Tongxu County construction project bidding and bidding Management Office

Contact information:0371-24868676

8. Publishing media

The announcement of the results was published on the "China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform" and the "Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network"。



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