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Weishi County Sports Center upgrading project (second) - Result announcement

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Weishi County Sports Center upgrading Project (second)

Result announcement

Zhongsheng Haoze International Engineering Management Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Weishi County National Fitness Center to conduct public bidding on the upgrading and renovation project of Weishi County Sports Center20240207Bid opening and evaluation activities were conducted in Weishi County Public Resources Trading Center in accordance with the law。After the expiration of the publicity period of the candidates, the bidding committee shall follow the bidding principles, methods and procedures20240222Day (calibration time) inWeishi county public resources trading centerCalibration room (calibration location) is calibrated by checking random method (calibration method)。The results are hereby announced as follows:

1. Description of the bidding project

1.1 Project name: Weishi County Sports Center upgrading project

1.2 Project Number:JSGCGK-2023-057

1.3 Investment amount: Total investment amount approx1370RMB 10,000, the amount of this tender is about339万元

1.4 Project Overview: The contents of the upgrading and renovation of Weishi County Sports Center include: road paving, square paving, football stadium construction, stand renovation and other infrastructure construction,Gate stadium membrane roof, landscape flower pool, landscape gallery frame, landscape sculpture, gates and public toilets and other structures,Benches, garbage bins, sound systems, monitoring systems, pipe network projects and other supporting facilities,Plant greening project,Lighting system and other upgrading content。

1.5 Construction location: Weishi County

1.6Tender scope: All contents specified in the bill of quantities, drawings and tender documents

Ii. Division of bid sections

2.1Bidding section division: This tender has a total of one bidding section: Weishi County Sports Center upgrade project construction section two

2.2Project scale:/

2.3Quality requirements: Qualified

2.4Construction period requirements:210Calendar days;

2.5Bidding control total price:3384579.27

3. Bid opening time:202402070930

Bid evaluation time:202402070950

Calibration time:202402221000

Iv. List of Bid Evaluation Committee members:Chen Jian, Yang Zhenwei, Zhang Xia, Yue Zhiyong, Guo Yongfang

List of members of the Bidding Committee:Wang Jingzhou, Zhu Yonggang, Liu Jianhui

V. Verification of the situation

The bidding Committee (Verification team) checked the bidding candidates according to the bidding method and bidding factors in the bidding documents before the bidding meeting。The verification results are as follows:

Through the list: Henan Jincheng Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Henan trustworthy Construction Engineering Co., LTD

Failed list and reasons: Zhoukou Chengda Construction Engineering Co., LTD If the project manager fails to participate in the investigation and inquiry according to the regulations, it shall be deemed as non-response and shall not be passed。

6. The winning bidder

Section 2:

Full name of winning bidder: Henan Jincheng Construction Engineering Co., LTD

Winning bid:3372311.44

Quality: Qualified

工期:210Calendar day

Project Manager: Li Xin

Certificate name: Grade II Constructor Registration Certificate

Certificate number: Yu241132199610

7. Publishing media

This announcement is published simultaneously on the "China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform", "Henan Electronic Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform", "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network" and "Kaifeng Public Resources Transaction Information Network"。

8. Contact information

Tenderer: Weishi County National Fitness Center

Address: Weishi County culture Road west section

Contact: Mr. Li

Contact information:0371-27961603

Bidding Agency: Zhongsheng Haoze International Engineering Management Co., LTD

Add: Dongfeng Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City28号院21号楼

Contact: Mo Xiaofei, Liu Xinjing, Guo Zhikun

Contact information:0371-22026037

Supervision department: Weishi County construction project bidding office

Contact information:0371-227126880371-27990065





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