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Kaifeng Maternity Hospital chromosome automatic scanning analysis system and a generation of sequencing analyzer equipment and hysteroscopy system project second section (second) - bidding announcement

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Announcement of bidding for the second section (secondary) of the chromosome automatic scanning analysis system and generation sequencing analyzer equipment and hysteroscopy system project of Kaifeng Maternity Hospital

1Kaifeng Maternity Hospital chromosome automatic scanning analysis system and a generation of sequencing analyzer equipment and hysteroscopy system project second section (second), has beenKaifeng Development and Reform Commission [2209-410200-04-01-825717If construction is approved, the bidding is artificialKaifeng maternity HospitalThe bidding agency isZhongjian Shanhe Construction Management Group Co., LTDThe source of funds is special bonds, and the funds have been implemented。The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the project is subject to public biddingEligible potential bidders are welcome to bid。

2Project overview and bidding scope

2.1Project name: Kaifeng Maternity Hospital Chromosome automatic scanning analysis system and a generation of sequencing analyzer equipment and hysteroscopy system project second section (secondary)

2.2, Project number:SH-ZB-2023281

2.3招标Method: Open bidding

2.4, budget amount:540

2.5Source of funds: special bonds

2.6Place of delivery: the designated place of Kaifeng Maternity Hospital

2.7Purchase contents:Second bid section:Hysteroscopic system1

2.8, delivery period:Second section: ≤ 30

2.9Warranty period: ≥2Years (involves free software upgrades for life)

2.10Quality requirements: in line with national or industry relevant current standards

2.11Scope of tender:All the contents specified in the bidding documents

2.12Division of bid section: This project has a total of one bid section:Second bid section:Hysteroscopic system

3Applicant's qualification requirements:

3.1Requirements for qualification:

(1) The bidder shall be provided by the manufacturerBusiness license,Medical Device Manufacturing License;The bidder shall provide for the businessBusiness license,Medical Device Production License, Medical Device Management Enterprise License (three types of medical devices must be provided), the second type of medical device management record certificate, the bidder's business scope shall include the product number;

(2) The invested products must have the Medical Device Registration Certificate (or the Type I Medical Device Filing Information Form);

(三)If the bidder is an operating enterprise, he shall provide the original power of attorney for the products of the operating enterprise signed by the legal representative of the producing enterprise or stamped with the seal of the producing enterprise。The bidder shall have the legal person authorization letter for the operation of the enterprise, and the scope of authorization is clear, and the identity certificate of the authorized person shall be provided;

(4) The bidder shall have the necessary professional and technical ability to perform the contract;(Provide letter of commitment, format to customize)

(五)Bidder near2年(202211At least one performance of the invested products and services;(提供Manufacturer or business performance can be,The time of providing the contract is subject to the time of signing the contract)The bidder has perfect after-sales service and good reputation, no bad business behavior。(Provide a letter of commitment, the format is self-designed

(6) Bidders shall be enterprises operating overseas medical devices,In addition to the qualification documents required by the above-mentioned production and operation enterprises,It is also necessary to provide the following valid qualification documents for market access in accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations: ① The legal registration certificate of the production or operation of the product in China;(2) Medical Device Registration Certificate for imported medical devices;(3) Power of attorney for the manufacturer to appoint an agent in China,The agent's letter of undertaking;④ Equipment customs declaration information (including product serial number or product serial number corresponding supporting materials) and commodity inspection certificate (when exempted from inspection, corresponding supporting materials should be provided);⑤ Product inspection report;⑥ Other relevant information provided by national laws and regulations。

3.2Financial requirements:提供202020212022The annual financial report audited by an accounting firm. If the company has not been established for a long time, the audit report shall be provided according to the actual establishment period。If the newly established enterprise is less than one year old, it can provide the credit certificate issued by its basic bank, and the credit certificate is issued within one year of the bid opening。

3.3Tax payment certificate and social security certificate: Provide relevant departments to issue tax payment certificate and social security certificate in accordance with the law for nearly three months, if you meet the exemption conditions and other circumstances should provide corresponding certification materials。

3.4Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities。(Provide written statement)

3.5Credit requirements: According to the Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issues related to the Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities (Treasury[2016]125According to the provisions of the "Credit China" website (www.creditchian.gov.cnSearch for persons who are not listed in the trust-breaking subject to enforcement (" trust-breaking subject "or through the" China Implementation Information Disclosure Network "), tax violation blacklist (or major tax violation subject);Through Chinese government procurement (www.ccgp.gov.cnQuery the list of records of serious illegal and dishonest behaviors in government procurement, and the deadline for credit information query is from the date of announcement to the deadline for bidding。And attached to the bidding documents, do not provide website credit query screenshots or verified to be included in the untrustworthy enforcement, tax law blacklist (or major tax law and untrustworthy subjects), government procurement serious illegal and untrustworthy behavior record list of suppliers, will be refused to participate in government procurement activities。Once the supplier finds the supplier has credit problems during the period from obtaining the documents to signing the contract with the purchaser, the purchaser has the right to cancel its qualification for winning the bid。

3.6The project does not accept the bid of the consortium。

4Obtain bidding documents:

4.1Time to obtain bidding documents:It is available from the date of the announcement until the deadline for submission of tender documents。

4.2How to obtain bidding documents: Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding should register as a member of the Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website and obtainCAKey, in Kaifeng city public resources trading center websitehttp://www.nastyasia.comLogin political mining, engineering business system, byCAKey login member system and download electronic tender documents as required。If the bidder fails to download the electronic bidding document within the prescribed time, its bid will be rejected。

4.3After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders please go to the website of Kaifeng Public resources Trading Center to log in the political mining, engineering business system CA Key Log in to the member system, download the latest version of the bid document making tool installation package in "Component Download", and use the latest version after installationBid document making tool to produce electronic bid documents。

4.4Please always pay attention to the website and company of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading CenterCAKey push message, potential bidders, suppliers can open the Kaifeng public resources trading center websitehttp://www.nastyasia.comSearch the bidding documents in "Process Disclosure" on the home page。

4.5CAKey handling attention center website-Work dynamics-Important notice related content。

5Submission of tender documents

5.1Bidders only need to submit electronic bidding documents。

5.2Deadline for uploading electronic bidding documents:2024320 9 20(Beijing Time)。

5.3Electronic bidding documents must be posted on the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center before the bidding deadline (http://www.nastyasia.comEncrypted upload in the member system。

5.4If the encrypted electronic bid documents are uploaded after the deadline, the tenderer will not accept them。

6, time and place of bid opening

6.1 、时间:20243 20 9 20(Beijing Time)

6.2 Location: Kaifeng public resources trading information network

6.3The project adopts the "remote non-meeting" bid opening method, and bidders do not need to attend the bid opening meeting at the site of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center;The bidder shall log in to the remote bid opening hall before the bid opening time, participate in the bid opening activities online and on time, and respond to document decryption, question and clarification。(The default decryption duration is40Minutes, miss decryption elder will be deemed to automatically abandon this bid。)

7, the medium of the announcement and the period of the tender announcement

The tender announcement is in《中National Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform, Henan Electronic Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform, Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information NetworkPosted on, tenderThe period of announcement shall be five working days

8For enquiries about this tender, please contact us as follows:

tenderer: Kaifeng Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital           

 Add: Si Back Street, Gulou District, Kaifeng City36

Contact: Li Yanhong             

Contact information:037122795812

Agency information: Zhongjian Shanhe Construction Management Group Co., LTD

Add: Jingwu Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou23

Contact: Li Ke

Contact information:16637865003            

Supervisory department: Kaifeng Municipal Development and Reform Commission

Contact number:0371-25960016

Download attachment:Annex to the announcement of the second lot section (secondary)

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