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Tongxu County urban drainage network upgrading project (Phase I) - Bidding announcement

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1. Bidding conditions

This bidding project Tongxu County urban drainage network upgrading project (Phase I) has been completedRelevant departments approved the construction, the tender for the Tongxu county urban Management Bureau (Tongxu County Urban Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau), the construction funds are financial funds, the proportion of investment100%Funds have been secured。The project has met the bidding conditions, and Henan Kaichuang Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is now entrusted to conduct public bidding for the project。Units with appropriate qualifications are welcome to participate in the tender。

Ii. Project overview and bidding scope

2.1Project Name: Tongxu County Urban Drainage Network upgrading Project (Phase I)

2.2Project Number:HNKC-2024-005

2.3Source of funds: financial funds

2.4Total investment: Total investment is2404Ten thousand yuan, this tender739.595708万元

2.5Project profile:The construction content of the project includes Fumin Road, Hongda Avenue, water conservancy Road and commercial road4The road pipe network that is easy to cause water logging shall be reformed, and the total length of the rainwater pipe network shall be reformed 7600m

2.6Construction site: Tongxu County

2.7Construction schedule:90Calendar day

2.8Project quality: qualified

2.9Scope of bidding: All contents contained in bidding documents, bill of quantities and construction drawings

2.10Section division:Total of this project1section

The first section of Tongxu County urban drainage network upgrading project (Phase I) construction

2.11Bidding method: open bidding

三、Applicant qualification requirements

3.1 Qualification requirements

3.1.1The bidder has the status of an independent enterprise legal person,Have a valid three-in-one business license;

3.1.2 The bidder shall have the Grade 3 or above qualification of municipal public works construction general contracting issued by the competent administrative department, have an effective safety production license, and have the corresponding construction ability in personnel, equipment, capital and other aspects;

3.1.3The proposed project manager shall have the qualification of a registered construction engineer of municipal public works construction level II or above (excluding temporary), and have an effective safety production assessment certificate, and have not acted as a project manager in other projects under construction, and have issued a no-construction commitment。If they are under construction, they shall be disqualified upon verification;

3.1.4 The technical person to be assigned by the bidder shall have the intermediate or above technical title of engineering related professional;

3.1.5Social security requirements: The project manager, technical person in charge and entrusted agent to be dispatched by the bidder must be an employee of the unit and pay pension insurance in the unit (provided202311The social security certificate materials paid for any three consecutive months since the beginning of the day, the newly hired personnel from the date of employment, the issue time shall not be earlier than the announcement time);

3.1.6Joint bids are not accepted in this tender section。

Other requirements:

3.3Financial requirements:Required business2022Annual financial audit report (including balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement) audited by accounting firm or auditing institution,A newly established enterprise less than one year ago should provide a statement of its financial position since its establishment

3.4Reputation requirements:According to the Notice on Issues Related to the Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities(财库[2016]125)Heyucaigou201615The provisions of the number,Bidders who are included in the record list of dishonest persons subject to enforcement, major tax law and dishonest subjects, and serious illegal and dishonest acts of government procurement refuse to participate in the bidding of this project;Bidders may submit their bids through the "Credit China" website (, China Government Procurement Website ( to inquire the bidder's credit record, and provide the inquiry website (the inquiry date is after the announcement date, provide the relevant inquiry screenshot and affix the bidder's official seal。)。

3.5The person in charge of the proposed project shall not be changed for any reason during the implementation of the project。

4. Obtain bidding documents

4.1时间: It can be downloaded before the bid opening deadline。

4.2Location: Kaifeng public resources Trading Center website。

4.3Method: Bidder should register as a member and obtain CA Key, in Kaifeng city public resources trading center website political mining, engineering business system, by CA Key login member system, download bidding documents as required。If the bidder fails to download the electronic bidding document as required, its bid will be rejected。

4.4After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders please log in to the political mining, engineering business system, byCAKey Log in to the member system, download the latest version of the bid document making tool installation package in "Component Download", and use the latest version of the installed bid document to make the electronic bid document。Please pay attention to Kaifeng public resources trading Center and companyCAKey push message。

5. Bidding deadline time and place

5.1时间:20240401Sunday morning1000Minutes (Beijing time)。

5.2Location: Electronic bidding documents must be encrypted and uploaded in the member system of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website before the bidding deadline。

5.3This project adopts the "remote do not meet" bid opening method,Bidders do not need to arrive at the site to submit the original materials, do not need to go to Tongxu County public resources trading Center site to participate in the bid opening meeting;The bidder shall be prior to the bid opening time,Log in to the non-meeting bid opening hall,Participate in online bid opening activities on time and decrypt bid documents, answer questions and clarify。(The default decryption duration is40Minutes, miss decryption elder will be deemed to automatically abandon this bid。)

Vi. Time and place of bid opening

6.1时间:20240401Sunday morning1000Minutes (Beijing time)。

6.2地点: First bid Opening Room, 4th Floor, Tongxu County Government Service Center (West Section, Yufeng Road, Tongxu County)

Vii. Media for publication of the announcement and the period of tender announcement

The bidding announcement was also published on the "China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform" and the "Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network"。

八、 Contact information

1.   Name: Tongxu County Urban Management Bureau (Tongxu County Urban Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)

Address: Tongxu County

Contact: Chen Hao

Contact information:15837872444

2.Bidding agency: Henan Kaichuang Engineering Management Consulting Co., LTD

Add: Yufeng Road, Tongxu County, Kaifeng City3

Contact: Ms. Liu


3.Supervision unit: Tongxu County construction project bidding and bidding Management Office

Contact information:0371-24868676


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