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Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau 14 school sports field, ancillary engineering construction and supervision project - tender announcement

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Weishi county education and sports Bureau14Announcement of bidding for the construction and supervision of the school sports field and ancillary works

1. Bidding conditions

The bidding project Weishi County Education and sports Bureau14The school sports field, ancillary engineering construction and supervision projects have been approved by relevant departments,Construction funds shall be financial funds,Project funding has been secured,The tender is Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau,The bidding agency is Pumai Project Management Group Co., LTD,The project is ready for bidding,The project is now open for bidding。

Ii. Project overview and bidding scope

2.1 Project name: Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau14The construction and supervision of the school sports field and ancillary works

2.2 Project Number:JSGCGK-2024-007

2.3 Investment amount: approx526.244412万元

2.4 Project Overview: Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau14A school sports ground and ancillary works

2.5 Construction location: Weishi County

2.6 Planned duration:

First bid, second bid, third bid, fourth bid:45Calendar day

Five sections:60Calendar day

Supervision service period: the same as the construction period and defect liability period

2.7 Quality requirements: Qualified。

2.8Scope of tender:

Construction (Sections 1 to 5) : All contents specified in the bill of quantities, drawings and bidding documents

Supervision (Section 6) : The whole process supervision of the construction stage and the project defect liability stage

2.9 Section division:本项目共6A bid section, of which construction bid section5A, supervision of the bidding section1

The first section: Construction of Deer Village Primary School in Caizhuang Town, Weishi County and Central school in Caizhuang Town

The second section: Weishi County Daqiao Township Dahuashu primary School, Weishi County Daqiao Township Fengcun Primary School, Weishi County third junior middle School project construction

The third section: the construction of Shenzhuang Primary School, Weishi Experimental Middle School, and Zaozhu Primary School in Xingzhuang Township, Weishi County

The fourth section: Weishi County Xiaochen Township Central School, Weishi County Yongxing Town Jinzhai Primary School, Weishi County Yongxing Town Central School project construction

The fifth section: Weishi County Xingzhuang Township Central School, Weishi County Chengguan Town central School, Weishi County 18 Li Town Jinbegang primary school project construction

Section 6: Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau14Supervision of school sports field and ancillary engineering construction projects

3. Bidder qualification requirements

3.1 Construction bid section (first bid section, second bid section, third bid section, fourth bid section, fifth bid section) :

1) The bidder shall have independent legal personality and valid business license。

2) The bidder shall have the Grade 3 or above qualification of general contracting for construction projects issued by the construction administrative department, and have an effective safety production license, and have the corresponding construction ability in personnel, equipment, capital and other aspects。

3The proposed project manager shall be qualified as a registered construction engineer of Grade II or above in the construction engineering profession(Excluding temporary builders),Have a valid production safety assessment certificate, and do not work as a project manager of other projects under construction (self-commitment)。

4The bidder intends to assign the project manager, technical leader and authorized client to be the regular employees of the unit.Provide the labor contract signed with the unit and the unit pays for it202311Any consecutive day since6Proof of Social Security (for new hires from the date of appointment)。

3.2Supervision (Section 6) :

1The bidder shall have independent legal personality and valid business license;

2The bidder shall have the Grade C or above qualification of housing construction supervision issued by the administrative department or the comprehensive qualification of project supervision;

3The chief supervision engineer of the project to be dispatched shall have the registered supervision engineer certificate of housing construction engineering;

4The project director and authorized client to be dispatched by the bidder shall be regular employees of the unit, and shall provide the labor contract signed with the unit and the payment made by the unit202311Any consecutive day since6Monthly social security certificate (subject to the social security inquiry list issued by the social security department,The social security department needs to stamp or check the screenshot of the web page online, and the newly hired personnel will be counted from the date of employment。)。

3.3Financial requirements:Bidder's last three years (2020年度、2021年度、2022Annual) Good financial status (audit report issued by accounting firm or audit department is required), if the company has been established for less than three years, the audit report shall be provided according to the actual establishment period.For those less than one year, the bank credit certificate issued by the basic bank can be provided

3.4Reputation requirements:① The bidder shall not have the Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issues related to the Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in government procurement activities (Treasury2016125The act of refusing to participate in government procurement activities。The tenderer or bidding agency shall inquire the credit information of each bidder respectively on the day of bid opening,Bidders who are listed in the "Credit China" website or "China Implementation Information Disclosure Website" shall be subject to enforcement, major tax law and credit breach subjects (subject to "Credit China" website), and the record list of serious illegal and credit breach behaviors of government procurement (subject to "China Government Procurement website") shall refuse to participate in this project,At the same time, the credit information query records and evidence are printed and archived,The bidder's bad credit record shall be subject to the inquiry result of the tenderee or bidding agency (the inquiry object includes: enterprise, legal representative and project manager/Project Director)。

.The bidder shall provide the website of China Judgment Documents (http://wenshu.court.gov.cn/(Inquiry objects include: enterprises, legal representatives, project managers/Project Director), enterprise, legal representative, project manager/If there is bribery by the chief supervision engineer, the bid will be rejected (provide screenshots for inquiry);

3.5The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with holding and management relations, and shall not participate in the bidding and procurement activities under the same contract (provide the screenshot of the company information, shareholders or investors information publicized in the "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System" with the official seal of the unit);

 3.6Joint bids are not accepted in this tender。

4. Acquisition of bidding documents

4.1 Time to obtain bidding documents: from the date of announcement to the deadline for submission of bidding documents;

4.2 The bidder shall register as a member of the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center and obtain the bidding documentsCA密钥,CAKey login Kaifeng public resources trading network (http://www.nastyasia.com) Member system, download electronic tender documents upon request。If the bidder fails to download the electronic bidding document as required, its bid will be rejected。

4.3 After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders please go to the website of Kaifeng Public resources Trading Center to log in the political mining, engineering business systemCAKey Log in to the member system, download the latest version of the bid document making tool installation package in "Component Download", and use the latest version of the installed bid document making tool to make electronic bid documents。

4.4 Please pay attention to Kaifeng public Resources Trading Center website and companyCAKey push message。

4.5Potential bidders can open the Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website (http://www.nastyasia.comSearch the bidding documents in "Process Disclosure" on the home page。

V. Submission of tender documents

5.1Deadline for uploading electronic tender documents:2024  2   29 0930Minutes (Beijing time)。

5.2 Electronic tender documents must be posted on the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center (http://www.nastyasia.comEncrypted upload in the member system。If the encrypted electronic bid documents are uploaded after the deadline, the tenderer will not accept them。

5.3Bid opening Address: Weishi County Public Resources Trading Center bid opening room (Weishi County Fuyuan Road east section Hongtai Building 3rd floor)。This project adopts the "remote do not meet" bid opening method,Bidders do not need to submit the original documents on site,No need to go to the Weishi County public resources trading Center site to participate in the bid opening meeting;The bidder shall be prior to the bid opening time,Log in to the remote bid opening hall,Participate in online bid opening activities on time and decrypt bid documents, answer questions and clarify。The default decryption duration is40Minutes, miss decryption elder will be deemed to automatically abandon this bid。

6. Media for announcement

The bidding announcement of this project was published on the "China Public Service Platform for Bidding", "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Website" and "Kaifeng Public Resources Transaction Information Network"。


7. Contact information

Tenderer: Weishi County Education and Sports Bureau

Address: Weishi County culture Road west section

Contact: Mr. Zhao

Contact number:0371-27961762

Bidding agency: Pumai Project Management Group Co., LTD

Add: Zhengshang Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province132205

Contact: Mr. Wang

Contact number:0371-55397709

Supervision department: Weishi County construction project bidding office

Contact number:0371-227126880371-27990065


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