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Welcome the New Year to build a security line

Release time: 2023-01-20 12:39:53 Number of page views: Author: Kaifeng Public resources trading information Network

 Welcome the Spring Festival 安全防线


The Spring Festival holiday is approaching to ensure the festive period中心安全120日In the afternoon, the leader responsible for safety of the center led the comprehensive coordination Department and the supervision office to form a security hidden danger investigation team to carry out security hidden danger investigation before the holiday。

Inspection teamArrive successivelyThe office area of the center, the non-meeting bid opening area, the bid evaluation area, the hall waiting area and the archive room were investigated。In particular, the electrical equipment in the office area, fire supplies in each area, monitoring equipment servers, etc., were comprehensively and carefully checked to further eliminate security risks。

It is especially required that the staff on duty during the holiday should strictly abide by the duty system, improve safety awareness, and implement safety protection work.Ensure the Spring Festival期间Central security稳定Have a happy and peaceful holiday。

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