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Municipal public Administration Office research and supervision "assessment separation" work progress

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 Municipal public administration Office research supervisionProgress of "assessment separation" work


In mid-October 2023, Han Changjian, a second-level researcher of Kaifeng Municipal Government Affairs and Big Data Administration Bureau, and the staff of the Municipal Public Resources Trading Service Office went to Xiangfu District, Qixian County, Weishi County and Tongxu County to investigate and supervise the progress of "assessment separation" bidding and bidding。

Under the guidance of the staff of each county (Xiangfu District), Han Changjian and his party successively visited the county (Xiangfu District) trading center without meeting the bid opening hall,Trading places such as "evaluation and separation" bid evaluation room and remote and remote bid evaluation room, to learn about the promotion of the center's non-meeting bid opening, the operation of the "evaluation and separation" project and the progress of remote and remote bid evaluation。

The person in charge of Qi County introduced and demonstrated inThe innovative measures explored in the process of "evaluation separation" work are: "five steps of calibrating and extracting number balls";The project bidding meeting with "assessment separation" is sent by the discipline inspection team of the owner unit to participate in the whole process, and the trading center strictly checks the performance bond (guarantee) payment of the winning unit。

Xiangfu District public management Office said that Xiangfu District as the implementation of the "Kaifeng City national investment project construction project biddingThe pilot of the "Assessment separation" normative Guidelines "is strict and solid in promoting the" assessment separation "work, all the projects that use" assessment separation "in the early filing stage, major infrastructure projects to be filed by the two offices, and projects that use the" vote method "need to be approved by the Commission for Discipline inspection。The bid bond shall be paid at 2%, the performance bond shall be paid at 10%, and the performance bond account shall be strictly supervised by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, collected by the trading center and returned by the Commission for Discipline Inspection。

Tongxu County public Administration Office introduced the implementation of the tenderer's main responsibility, adoptedThe project of the "voting law" needs to be approved by the Standing Committee of the county Party Committee and the executive meeting of the government, and the county Commission for Discipline inspection can be filed after approval, but it is also facing the problem of lengthening the time line and low efficiency while promoting the work。In terms of promoting remote remote bid evaluation work, cooperation agreements have been reached with Lankao, Yuzhou, Xuchang Jian 'an, Luyi and other places, and a total of 60 projects will be remote remote bid evaluation in 2023, and Tongxu County has realized the normalization of remote remote bid evaluation。

Weishi county is adopting itThe "verification random method" project uses the "ball shaking machine" to select the winning candidate, which increases randomness and reduces human interference。

At the same time, in the process of this investigation, it was also found that individual counties are promotingIn the "assessment separation" work, no clear working mechanism has been established, no strict management has been implemented, and the bidding documents have not been reviewed, stamped, and directly entered the market。

Finally, Han Changjian stressed that this time to the counties (Xiangfu District) research, is not only an exchange of learning, but also a supervision and promotion, we should further unify the thinking, improve the promotionRecognition of the importance of "assessment separation" work;It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen supervision, and weave a "risk prevention and control network";We should further strengthen contact and communication, exchange and learn from each other, draw on each other's strengths and make common progress.We need to strengthen our sense of urgency and responsibility。



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