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Kaifeng City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau State-owned construction land use right online listing transfer announcement Kaifeng Natural capital Notice (2023) No. 12 change announcement

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Online listing transfer extension announcement


20231120Kaifeng Natural Resources and Planning Bureau,Kaifeng public resources trading centerIn the "Kaifeng Daily", Kaifeng public resources trading information network and other mediaAnnouncement on Listing and Transferring the Right to Use State-owned Construction Land OnlineBian natural information Word [202312号)。其中202314号、16号、20号、21The deadline for submitting the application for the number lot and paying the bid deposit has been extended to2023122512时。The offer deadline has been extended to2023122711时、1120分、1140分、12时。2023-15号、19The deadline for submission of application and payment of bid deposit has been extended to2023122012时。Other contents of the original announcement remain unchanged。

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