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Tongxu County Land and Resources Bureau 2019-17 state-owned land use right listing transfer announcement

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Henan Tongxu County natural resources Bureau online listing for state-owned construction land use rights 


Through the nature information word [20209

 With the approval of the people's Government of Tongxu County, the Bureau of Natural Resources of Tongxu County decided to sell by online listing1The state of the land parcelWith the right to use the construction land, the relevant matters are announced as follows:


1. The basic situation of the transferred land and the requirements of planning indicators



Parcel size (



Transfer period

Plot ratio

Building density (%

Green land rate (%

Building height limit (m)



Deposit (ten thousand yuan)

Current land condition

Starting price (ten thousand yuan)

Price increase (ten thousand yuan)



East section north of Tongxu County Administrative Road






Residential land












2. Bidder qualification

Legal persons, natural persons and other organizations within and outside the People's Republic of China may apply independently or jointly, unless otherwise provided for by laws and regulations。Any enterprise or individual who commits any of the criminal acts such as forging official documents to defraude land use procedures and illegally reselling land, illegal transfer of land use rights and other illegal acts, idling land for more than one year due to enterprise reasons, developing and utilizing land in violation of the conditions stipulated in the transfer contract, arbitrarily changing the use of land for low-income housing projects to engage in commercial housing development, and defaulting on land transfer fees,Before the violation of laws and violations are dealt with,The enterprise (including its controlling shareholder and the newly established enterprise of its controlling shareholder) or individuals shall not participate in land bidding activities。


Third, the state-owned construction land use right online listing transfer, in accordance with the principle of the highest price to determine the selected candidates。   


Iv. Deadline for registration and deposit

Applicants can bid in2020117日至2020214Log in to Henan Province Natural Resources Online trading System (hereinafter referred to as online trading system) and submit an application。The deadline for receipt of the bid deposit is202021417时。

In order to avoid the delay in the receipt time of the bidding margin, which will affect your successful acquisition of the online trading bidding qualification, it is recommended that you register at the deadline of the deposit receipt12Pay the bid deposit days before。

5. Listing time and website

The listing time is:202026830分至202021615时;

Listed website: Henan Province natural resources online trading system。

Vi. Transfer data acquisition methods

For the detailed information and specific requirements of the listing transfer, see the listing transfer Instructions and other transfer documents。Listing transfer instructions and other transfer documents can be viewed and printed from the online trading system。

7. Qualification review

The online transfer of the right to use state-owned construction land will implement the post-examination system of the qualification of the selected candidates,That is, after the bidding applicant submits the bidding application in the online trading system according to the regulations and pays the bidding deposit in full and on time,Online trading system will automatically issue the "State-owned Construction Land use right bid deposit receipt Confirmation",Confirm their bid eligibility,The transferor will only check the qualifications of the selected candidates for online transactions。If the qualification examination of the successful candidate fails to pass, resulting in the failure of the sale of the land, the successful candidate shall bear the corresponding responsibility。

    8. Risk warning

    Bidders should be careful about the offer, once submitted, the offer may not be modified or withdrawn。Online listing offers before closing, competition      Buyers must make at least one valid offer to be eligible to participate in the time limit bidding。

Operating system Please useWinXP/Win7/ Win8;Browser please useIE8.0IE9.0IE10Other operating systems and browsers may affect your normal participation in online trading activities。Digital certificate driver please go to HenanCADownload from official website and install correctly。Please carefully check the running environment of your computer before bidding, and first go to the online trading simulation system to practice, so as not to affect your quotation and bidding。

 Hereby announce

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