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Kaifeng Historical and cultural protection and inheritance Service center The first batch of 117 historical buildings in Kaifeng mapping and documentation, testing and identification projectsPotential bidders for the tender project shall be inKaifeng city public resources trading information networkObtain tender documents and in09:30 on March 20, 2024(Beijing time) to submit the response documents。

I. Basic information of the project
1. Project Number: Biancai Negotiation Procurement -2024-6
2, Project name: Kaifeng City historical and cultural protection heritage Service Center, the first batch of 117 historical buildings mapping, documentation, testing and identification project
3. Procurement method: competitive negotiation
4. Budget amount: 1,924,750.00元
Maximum price: 1,924,750 yuan
序号 包号 Packet name Package budget (yuan) Maximum package price (RMB)
1 Biancai negotiation procurement -2024-6-1 Package A: Mapping and documentation of historic buildings 923880 923880
2 Biancai negotiation procurement -2024-6-2 B Package: Historical building inspection and appraisal 1000870 1000870
5. Procurement requirements (including but not limited to the name, quantity, brief technical requirements or service requirements of the target)
(1) Bid section division: The project is divided into two bid sections, the responder can bid for any one or more bid sections, but only one bid section is allowed;
(2) Source of funds: financial funds
(3) Duration of service: 90 calendar days
(4) Service location: Kaifeng City
(5) Quality requirements: qualified
(6) Procurement contents:
Package A: Complete the mapping and documentation of the first batch of 117 historic buildings in Kaifeng City (for details, see the full content and accompanying services in the consultation document "Chapter V Requirements of the Owner")。)
Package B: Complete the testing and appraisal work of the first batch of 117 historical buildings in Kaifeng City (for details, see the full content and accompanying services in the consultation document "Requirements of the Owner in Chapter V")。)
6. Term of performance of the contract: same as the service term
7. Does the project accept joint bid? Yes
8, Whether to accept imported products: No
9, is it specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises: No
Ii. Applicant qualification requirements:
1. Meet Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;
2, the implementation of government procurement policy to meet the qualification requirements:
This project implements relevant government procurement policies for small, medium and micro enterprises, prison enterprises, welfare units for the disabled, etc。
3. Specific qualification requirements for this program
3.1. Comply with the provisions of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;
(1) The responder shall have independent legal personality and a valid business license with three certificates in one;
(2) The respondent must have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;Provide audited financial reports for the year 2022 or 2023。The newly established enterprise shall provide the credit certificate issued by its basic bank, and the credit certificate shall be issued within one year of the bid opening。)
(3) the respondent has a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;(Provide proof of tax payment and social security certificate for any month since January 2023;Responders who are exempt from tax or not required to contribute to social security funds by law,Documents should be provided to prove that they are legally exempt from tax or do not need to pay social security contributions)
(4) The responder shall have the necessary equipment and professional technical ability to perform the contract, and provide a letter of commitment;
(5) Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities, and provide a letter of commitment;
3.2. Qualification Requirements:
Package A: The responder must have a valid surveying and mapping Class B or above (including Class B) qualification certificate issued by the competent administrative department;The proposed project leader must have the relevant professional intermediate or above technical title;Provide proof of signing labor contract with the unit and paying social insurance in the unit。
Package B: The respondent shall have a valid qualification certificate of construction engineering quality inspection institution issued by the competent administrative department [The inspection scope of the certificate shall include: witness sampling inspection and main structure engineering inspection,Steel structure engineering testing, foundation engineering testing];At the same time, it must have the China Metrology Certification (CMA Certification) certificate issued by the competent authority。The person in charge of the proposed project shall have the certificate of registered Structural Engineer of Grade II or above, and have the professional title of senior or above, and provide the labor contract signed with the unit and the social insurance payment certificate in the unit。
3.3, with a good business reputation。As of the deadline for submission of the bid documents, if the responder includes "persons subject to enforcement of dishonesty, major tax law and dishonesty subjects" in the "Credit Service" of the "Credit China" website, or includes "Information records of serious illegal and dishonest acts of government procurement" on the "China Government Procurement Website", the qualification examination will not pass。The purchaser and the purchasing agency shall inquire after the bid opening and keep relevant records and evidence。[Inquiry channel: "Credit China" website (, Chinese Government Procurement website (http://www)】;
3. Obtain procurement documents
1.Time: From March 8, 2024 to March 19, 2024, 00:00 to 12:00 am and 12:00 to 23:59 PM (Beijing time, except public holidays) every day。)
2.Location: Kaifeng public resources trading information network
3.Method: The responder should register as a member of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website and obtain the CA key, which can be found on Log in to the political mining and engineering business system, log in to the member system with the CA key, and download the electronic competitive negotiation document as required。If the respondent fails to download the e-Competitive consultation document as required, his/her tender will be rejected。Potential bidders and respondents can open the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center http://www.kfsggzyjyw.Check the consultation document in "Process Disclosure" on the homepage of cn。
4.Price: 0 yuan
4. Submission of response documents
1.Deadline: 09:30 on March 20, 2024 (Beijing Time)
2.Venue: Electronic response documents should be posted on the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center (http://www) before the bid member system encrypted upload。If the encrypted electronic response file is uploaded after the deadline, the purchaser will not accept it。
5. Open the response file
1.Time: 09:30 on March 20, 2024 (Beijing Time)
2.Location: This project adopts the "remote no-meet" bid opening method. Respondents should log in the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center (http://www) before the bid opening Member system does not meet the bid opening hall, participate in the bid opening activities online on time and respond to document decryption, Q&A clarification, etc. (The default decryption time of the system is 40 minutes. If the elderly miss the decryption, they will be deemed to automatically abandon the bid)
6. Media for announcement and time limit for tender announcement
The bidding announcement was published on the "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Website" and "Kaifeng Public Resources Transaction Information Network". The period of tender announcement shall be three working days 。
Vii. Other supplementary matters
1. Supervisory Department: Kaifeng Municipal Finance Bureau Government Procurement Management Office
  Contact us: 0371-23876034
2. The responder decrypts the response file by himself according to the bid opening procedure。
3. Consortium bidding is not accepted for Package A of this project;B Package accepted consortium bid, consortium requirements are as follows:
(1) To participate in a consortium, the consortium agreement shall be submitted and indicate the lead person (the project leader shall be a member of the lead unit) and the work and responsibilities to be undertaken by each party, and promise that once the bid is won, the parties to the consortium will bear joint and several liabilities to the tenderer;
(2) Each party to the Consortium shall meet the requirements set out in the Consultation announcement.1-3.3 requirements (except for the requirements of the project leader);
(3) If members of the consortium with similar qualifications undertake the same work according to the division of labor of the consortium, the consortium composed of units of the same profession shall determine the qualification level according to the unit with lower qualification level;
(4) To participate in bidding activities in the form of a consortium, the parties to the consortium may not participate in the bidding activities under the same contract separately or with other members of the consortium;
(5) The legal representative of the lead or its authorized agent is responsible for signing the relevant documents of this bidding activity. If it needs to be sealed, the lead shall seal the official seal of the unit, and the other parties to the consortium must issue a letter of commitment to approve it。
(6) To participate in the bidding activities in the form of a consortium, the leader must download the consultation document and upload the response document with the CA digital certificate in the member system of Kaifeng Public Resources Electronic Trading Service platform, and the consortium members do not need to do this operation。
8. If you have any enquiries about this tender, please contact us in the following ways
1. Purchaser's information
Name: Kaifeng Historical and Cultural protection and inheritance Service Center
Address: Room 1465, Shizhi Comprehensive Office Building, Eight Street, Kaifeng City, Henan Province
Contact: Zhang Dongjun
Contact information: 0371-22665018
2.Purchasing Agency information (if any)
Name: Henan Weishin Bidding Management Consulting Co., LTD
Address: Room 613, Block 3, Dahong City Square, Kaifeng City
Contact: Li Teng
Contact us: 0371-25558699
3.Project contact information
Project contact: Li Teng
Contact us: 0371-25558699

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