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Tongxu County Lian urban and rural people's Government Tongxu County Lian urban and rural Guaiwang village hollow village renovation and resettlement area earthwork backfill project - procurement announcement

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I. Basic information of the project

1Procurement Project number: Biantong financial consultation procurement-2023-25

2Procurement project name: Tongxu County Lian urban and rural people's Government Tongxu County Lian urban and rural Guaiwang Village "empty village" renovation area earthwork backfill project

3Procurement method: competitive negotiation

4, budget amount:1595015.32

Ceiling price927742.42



Packet name

Package budget (yuan)

Maximum package price (RMB)


First lot

Tongxu County Lian urban and rural people's government Tongxu County Lian urban and rural Guaiwang village "hollow village" renovation area earthwork backfill project



5Procurement requirements: (including but not limited to the name, quantity, brief technical requirements or service requirements of the target)

5.1Purchase content: land leveling 1.5590 Hectare, actual amount of fill 3.7946 Million cubic meters

5.2Construction site: Tongxu County

5.3Source of funds: financial funds

5.4工期:90Calendar day

5.5 Quality requirements: Qualified

5.6Procurement scope: Construction drawings, bill of quantities, minutes of questions and answers and all contents within the scope of change notice construction。

5.7Section division: This project is divided into1section

Tongxu County Lian urban and rural people's government Tongxu County Lian urban and rural Guaiwang village "hollow village" renovation area earthwork backfill project

6Contract performance period: the same period

7Whether the project accepts joint bid: No

8Whether to accept imported products: No 

9Is it specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises? Yes

Second, the applicant's qualification requirements:

1Meet the provisions of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;

2Implementation of government procurement policy to meet the qualification requirements:

This project implements government procurement policies related to environmental protection, small, medium and micro enterprises, prison enterprises, welfare units for the disabled, etc

3, specific qualification requirements for the program

3.1The bidder shall meet the following requirements and provide relevant materials:

1Having the ability to independently bear civil liability;(with a legal and valid business license);

2Have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;(provided by2022Annual audited financial report A newly established enterprise less than one year shall provide a credit certificate issued by its basic bank within the validity period。);

3Having the necessary equipment and professional technical capability for the performance of the contract;(promise by oneself, format by oneself);

4Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;(provided by 202311Proof of tax and social security payment for any three months since June。);

5Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities (provide a written statement of no major illegal records within three years before the bid opening, in a self-drafted format);

3.2The bidder shall have Grade 3 or above qualification for general contracting of construction projects issued by the competent administrative department, and have valid safety production license。

3.3The project manager to be dispatched must have the registered construction engineer certificate of Grade II or above in the construction engineering profession, and have the valid safety production assessment certificate and continuing education certificate (provided by the construction engineer who needs continuing education according to the regulations).,And did not serve as the project manager of other construction projects under construction,And issued the "Project Manager no construction commitment"。

3.4The project manager to be assigned by the bidder shall provide valid social insurance certificates for the employees of the unit. If any employees do not participate in social insurance of the Company, their bidding qualification shall be cancelled upon verification;

3.5Reputation requirements: Bidders who are included in the record list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement, major tax law and untrustworthy subjects, and serious illegal and untrustworthy behaviors of government procurement refuse to participate in the bidding of this project。Provide "Credit China" website ( or China Executive Information Disclosure Network ( of the "dishonest person subject to enforcement" query result page, "Credit China" website ( of the query result page of "Major tax violation and untrustworthy subjects" and the website of "Chinese Government Procurement"( of the query result page of "Record List of Serious illegal and dishonest Behaviors in Government Procurement" (query date is after the release date of the announcement)。Once a bidder is found to have credit problems during the period from the submission of the bid documents to the signing of the contract with the tenderer, the tenderer shall have the right to cancel his qualification for winning the bid。

4The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units that have a holding and management relationship shall not participate in the bidding for the same tender project。

5The project does not accept the bid of the consortium。

 Access to competitive consultation documents

1、时间:It is available from the date of the announcement until the deadline for submission of tender documents

2Place: Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network ( Membership system

3Method: Potential bidders and suppliers can open the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Centerhttp://www.nastyasia.comSearch the bidding documents in "Process Disclosure" on the home page。After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders please go to the website of Kaifeng Public resources Trading Center to log in the political mining, engineering business systemCAKey Log in to the member system, download the latest version of the bid document making tool installation package in "Component Download", and use the latest version of the installed bid document making tool to make electronic bid documents。Please pay attention to Kaifeng public Resources Trading Center website and companyCAKey push message。


4. Submission of response documents

1、时间:20241260930Minutes (Beijing time)

2Place: Electronic response documents must be posted on the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center before the bidding deadline. upload in the member system。If the encrypted electronic response file is uploaded late or not uploaded to the designated place, the purchaser will not accept it。

5. Open the response file

1、时间::20241260930Minutes (Beijing time)

2Place: Tongxu County Government Service Center4Building No.1 Bid Opening Room (South of the west section of Yufeng Road, Tongxu County)

6. Media for announcement and time limit for tender announcement

The bidding announcement was published on the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Website, the China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform, and the Kaifeng Public Resources Transaction Information Network。The period of announcement shall be three working days。

Vii. Other supplementary matters

1.This project adopts the "remote do not meet" bid opening method,Bidders do not need to arrive at the site to submit the original materials, do not need to go to Tongxu County public resources trading Center site to participate in the bid opening meeting;The bidder shall be prior to the bid opening time,Login Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website ( membership system does not meet in the bid opening hall,Participate in online bid opening activities on time and respond to document decryption, question clarification, etc. (System decryption duration is default40The elder will be deemed to have abandoned the bid automatically if the decryption is missed in minutes)。

2.Supervisory department and contact information

Tongxu County Finance Bureau (Government Procurement Office)

Unified social credit code:114102220053476361


Contact: Ms. Peng, Ms. Qi

8. Contact information

1.Purchasing information:

Name: Tongxu County Lian urban and rural people's government

Address: Tongyu Road, Lian Cheng Village, Lian urban and rural areas, Tongxu County

Contact: Ma Chong

Contact information:0371-24130739

2.Bidding agency: Henan Kaixing Engineering Management Consulting Co., LTD

Address: Kaifeng City Tongxu County Yufeng Road west south side youth activity center9910

Contact: Ms. Ren


3.Project contact information

Project contact: Mr. Huang

Contact information:0371-24995996


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