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Kaifeng Xiangfu District digital Industrial Park project rain sewage external project - procurement announcement

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Act 1   Announcement of negotiations


Part one  Competitive negotiation announcement

一、Basic information of the project

1、Project Number:XXJT-2024-001

2Project name: Rainwater external connection project of Digital Industrial Park in Xiangfu District, Kaifeng City;

3, procurement method:Competitive negotiation

4, budget amount:1474100.00;Maximum price:1474100.00元。

5Purchasing demand

5.1、Purchase contents:Kaifeng Xiangfu District Digital Industrial Park project Rain sewage external project (Everything specified in the bill of Quantities and documents)

5.2Source of funds:self-financing

5.3, quality requirements:Comply with the national or industry standards, meet the technical service standards and requirements proposed by the purchaser

5.4工期30Calendar day

5.5Division of bidding sections:The tender is divided into one bid section;

6Whether the project accepts joint bid: No

7Whether to accept imported products: No

8Is it specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises? Yes

Ii. Applicant qualification requirements:

1. Meet Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;

2, the implementation of government procurement policy to meet the qualification requirements:

Administrative Measures on Government Procurement to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Treasury [202046号)

3. Specific qualification requirements for this program:

3.1. Have the ability to independently bear civil liability;(with a valid business license)

3.2 The bidder shall have the certificate issued by the construction administrative departmentMunicipal engineeringGrade 3 or above qualification, and has a valid safety production license, and has the corresponding construction capacity in terms of personnel, equipment, capital, etc.;

3.3. The project manager to be dispatched shall be qualified as a registered construction engineer (excluding temporary construction engineer) of Grade II or above in the construction engineering profession, and shall have valid production safety assessment certificate, and shall not be the project manager of other projects under construction;

3.4. Provide the 2022 financial audit report issued by an accounting firm or audit department, and if the company is established less than the time limit, provide the latest financial statements or credit certificates issued by the opening bank;

3.Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;(Provide tax proof materials and social security fund payment proof materials for any 3 months since June 2023, if the company's establishment time is less than the time limit requirements, provide since its establishment)

3.6 Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities;(Written statement provided, format customized)

3.7 According to the "Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issues related to the Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities" (Treasury [2016]125),Suppliers that are included in the "China Implementation Information Disclosure Network", "Trust-breaking subject", "Credit China" website "Major tax law and trust-breaking subject", and "China Government Procurement website" website "Record list of serious illegal and trust-breaking behaviors of government procurement",Refuse to participate in the government procurement activities of the project;The supplier shall provide a screenshot of the inquiry stamped with the official seal of the company。Screenshots of different query pages appear in the response file due to the update of the Credit China website, which are valid in this project。(The tenderer or agency reserves the right to check the bidder's credit information, and if there is any discrepancy, the tenderer or agency shall prevail。)

3.8 The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with holding and management relations, shall not participate in the bidding of the same package segment or the same bidding project without dividing the package segment。

3. Obtain procurement documents:

1、时间:Same bidding deadline

2Location: Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center network

3The bidder shall register as a member of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center website and obtainCAKey, in Kaifeng city public resources trading center network political mining, engineering business system, byCAKey login member system, download electronic bidding documents and attachments as required。If the bidder fails to download the electronic bidding documents and attachments as required, its bid will be rejected。


Iv. Submission of response documents:

1.时间: 2024    3    14 9 30 Minutes (Beijing time)

2.地点:Electronic tender documents must be posted on the website of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center ( upload in the member system。If the encrypted electronic bid documents are uploaded after the deadline, the tenderer will not accept them。

5. Open the response file:

1.时间: 2024   3    14   9 30 Minutes (Beijing time)

2.Location: Xiangfu District Public Resources Trading Center (10th Floor, Xiangfu District Citizen Home)

Vi. Media of announcement and period of tender announcement:

The bidding announcement was published on the Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network。

Vii. Other Supplementary Matters:

1After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders please go to the website of Kaifeng Public resources Trading Center to log in the political mining, engineering business systemCAKey Log in to the member system, download the latest version of the bid document making tool installation package in "Component Download", and use the latest version of the installed bid document making tool to make electronic bid documents。

2Please pay attention to the website and company of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading CenterCAKey push message。

3Bidders only need to submit electronic bid documents。

4This project adopts the "remote do not meet" bid opening method,Bidders need not go to the site to submit the original information, do not need to go to the Xiangfu District public resources trading Center site to participate in the bid opening meeting;The bidder shall be prior to the bid opening time,Log in to the remote bid opening hall,Participate in online bid opening activities on time and decrypt bid documents, answer questions and clarify。The default decryption duration is40Minutes, miss decryption elder will be deemed to automatically abandon this bid。

8. For enquiries about this tender, please contact us as follows:

1. Purchaser's information

Tenderer: Kaifeng Xiangfu District State-owned Assets Investment and Operation Co., LTD  

Contact: Mr. Zhao

 话: 15194603200

 Address: Xiangfu District county Fu South Street232

2.Purchasing Agency information (if any)

Bidding Agency: Kaifeng Xingxiang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD

Contact: Mr. Zhang

电 话 :27886591

地 址: Kaifeng Xiangfu district citizen's home10

3.     Project contact information

Contact: Mr. Zhang

电 话 :27886591


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