I. Basic information of the project
1. Procurement project number: Weicai Public Procurement 2022-60
2, procurement project name: Weishi County Xingzhuang Health Center CT procurement project
3. Procurement method: public bidding
4. Tender Announcement Date: January 22, 2024
5. Judging date: February 20, 2024
Ii. Purpose, quantity, brief technical requirements, date of contract performance:
(1) Source of funds: self-financing
(2) Purchase: 1 medical X-ray equipment
(3) Delivery and installation period: 30 calendar days after the contract is signed
(4) Quality: qualified;In line with the current national relevant industry standards
(5) Warranty period: 1 year
3. Winning the bid
包号 Purchase content Supplier name 地 址 Bid amount 单位
Weicai public procurement 2022-60-1 1 medical X-ray equipment Kaifeng City Weitou medical Industrial Park Co., LTD Room 403, 404, 405, 4th Floor, State Investment Building, 146 Jinming Avenue, Kaifeng City 2,196,000.00
序号 名称 Brand (if any) Specification and model 数量 单价
1 X-ray computerized tomography equipment 东软 NeuViz 16 Classic 1台 2196000元
Iv. Review list of experts
Wang Xinchun, Shao Li, Wang Yanhua, Wang Na, Yang Yanli
V. Agency service fees and amounts:
Charging standard: The bidding agency service fee is based on the bid price, and the bidding agency service fee shall be paid to the bidding agency according to the charging standard No. [2023] 002 of Henan Provincial Tendering Agency Service Fee Guidance, and shall be paid by the winning bidder。
Amount charged: 31,352.00元
Vi. Media for the announcement of the winning bid and the time limit for the announcement of the winning bid
The announcement of the winning bid is published on the "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Website" and "Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network", and the period of the winning bid announcement is 1 working day 。
Vii. Other supplementary matters
The channels and ways to raise the question: according to the provisions of the BianPublic Administration Office (2020) No. 13,If the supplier disputes the above results,The buyer may be challenged online within seven working days from the date of the announcement of the winning bid,Overdue will no longer be accepted,The purchaser shall reply within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the question,If the disputer has objections to the opinion on the handling of the dispute or the purchaser fails to respond within the prescribed time,The disputer can file a complaint online to the administrative supervision department of the project within the specified time。(The important document column of Kaifeng public resources Trading Information Network has the text format and requirements of government procurement project questions and complaints)
8. If you have any questions about the content of this announcement, please contact us as follows
1. Purchaser's information
Name: Weishi County Xingzhuang Health Center
Address: Xingzhuang Village, Xingzhuang Township, Weishi County
Contact: Ms. Yang
Contact: 19903788617
2.Purchasing Agency information (if any)
Name: Henan Zhengkun Construction Engineering Consulting Co., LTD
Address: No. 569-4 No. 03, Tanan Road, Jiefang District, Jiaozuo City
Contact: Ms. Li
Contact us: 0371-22028657
3.Project contact information
Project contact: Ms. Li
Contact us: 0371-22028657

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