I. Basic information of the project
1. Procurement item Number: Xiangfu Consultation Procurement -2024-2
2. Procurement Project name: Quxing Town sewage network renovation project
3. Procurement method: competitive negotiation
4. Procurement Announcement Date: February 28, 2024
5. Judging date: March 12, 2024
2. Transaction situation
包号 Purchase content Supplier name 地 址 Bid amount 单位
Xiangfu negotiation procurement -2024-2-1 Sewer network renovation of Quxing Town (all contents specified in drawings, bill of quantities and competitive negotiation documents) Henan Bianrui Construction Engineering Co., LTD No. 302, Unit 1, Building 25, Weiming House, Thirteenth Street, Kaifeng Area, Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone 1,625,000.00
序号 名称 Scope of construction Construction period Project manager Practice certificate information
1 Quxing town sewage network renovation project Sewer network renovation of Quxing Town (all contents specified in drawings, bill of quantities and competitive negotiation documents) 20 calendar days 张超 豫 241151577317
3. Review list of experts
Fu Xiuyu, Li Junli, Luo Junjie
4. Fees and amounts for agency services
Charge standard: The agency fee is based on the budget price of 1.5% charge (tax not included) to be paid by the winning bidder。
Amount charged: 25,970.00元
5. Media for the release of the transaction announcement and the deadline for the transaction announcement
The announcement of the winning bid is published on the "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Website" and the "Kaifeng Public Resources Transaction Information Network", and the deadline of the transaction announcement is 1 working day 。
6. Other supplementary matters
1. Channels and methods for raising questions: according to the provisions of Document No. 13 of BianPublic Administration Office (2020),If the supplier disputes the above results,The Purchaser may be challenged online within seven working days from the date of expiry of the announcement period,Overdue will no longer be accepted,The purchaser shall reply within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the question,If the disputer has objections to the opinion on the handling of the dispute or the purchaser fails to respond within the prescribed time,The disputer can file a complaint online to the administrative supervision department of the project within the specified time。(The important document column of Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Information Network has the text format and requirements of questions and complaints about government procurement projects.) 2. Bid evaluation: See the attachment for details。
7. If you have any questions about the content of this announcement, please contact us as follows
1. Purchaser's information
Name: Xiangfu District Quxing Town people's Government
Add: Xingcun, Quxing Town, Xiangfu District, Kaifeng City
Contact: Mr. Luo
Contact: 15637861288
2.Purchasing Agency information (if any)
Name: Henan Muzhifeng Engineering Management Co., LTD
Address: Kaifeng City Songcheng Road and Yishan Street intersection south of 400 meters road east 4th floor
Contact: Ms. Hu
Contact: 13937896187
3.Project contact information
Project contact: Ms. Hu
Contact: 13937896187

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