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Jining Economic Development Zone "three full" services to enhance the quality of public resources trading platform service efficiency

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       Jining Economic Development Zone public resources trading service center based on public service function positioning,With full coverage, full process, full range of "three full" service model,Strive to improve the level of service and transaction quality and efficiency,Establish a public resource transaction service system that satisfies the transaction subjects,It will provide a strong impetus for comprehensively deepening reform and promoting the re-optimization of the business environment。

To "full coverage" as the goal, strengthen the construction of standards。Strengthen the management of "non-meeting" online handling matters such as record registration, tender plan (announcement) release, opening and evaluation site reservation, expert selection, non-meeting bid opening, electronic bid evaluation, remote and remote bid evaluation, and bid selection,Promote the dynamic update of the standard system,Innovative measures such as non-meeting bid opening, remote and remote bid evaluation, and electronic letter of guarantee will be incorporated into service standards,Strive to cover all aspects of the service process,To achieve the platform from institutionalized management to standardized management。

Take the "whole process" as the requirement to do a good job in transaction protection。In the process of bid evaluation, we should maintain the platform network and the equipment of the bid opening site, and make full preparation and efficient cooperation to ensure the smooth and orderly completion of the transaction in view of the large number of projects entering the site, the large number of bidders, and the long time of bid opening and evaluation。Actively implement the "first inquiry responsibility system" and "limited time settlement system", implement service measures such as "online office immediately do one office", strengthen the on-site management of agencies and bid evaluation experts, and strengthen the digital witness service of the transaction site。Give full play to the witness service role of the "first scene" of the public resources trading center, use the function of the public resources trading platform bidding and bidding warning system, through credit supervision, smart supervision and other means, real-time monitoring of key enterprises, business processes, bid opening links, bid evaluation process, and do a good job in the whole transaction guarantee。

To provide convenient services under the guidance of "all-round"。At the project registration stage, open "green channels" for provincial and municipal key projects and livelihood security projects, and implement "acceptance of capacity and failure".。Actively promote the mutual recognition of CA, promote the promotion of electronic letters of guarantee, promote the use of electronic certificates, promote the electronic management of archives, online payment of expert review fees, and strengthen the digital witness service on the scene of transactions。Make a return visit to the bidding (procurement) personnel, agencies and other transaction subjects, carefully listen to the opinions and suggestions of the bidding (procurement) personnel of key projects, timely find the problems in the work, empower the transaction subjects through content value-added and process optimization, and build a high-quality and convenient transaction environment。From: Today Public Resources Information network

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