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Kaifeng Public Resources Trading Center conducts publicity and education on the theme of "Preventing fire risks and ensuring life safety"

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 Kaifeng public resources trading center

"Protect against fire risk Ensure life safety

Carry out publicity and education on the theme


In order to fully implement the "Kaifeng City Fire Safety Committee Office on the issuance of the city's fire warning publicity and education month activity program Notice" (Bianxian Office202318号Request, Kaifeng public Resources Trading center inOn the afternoon of May 10, a publicity and education activity with the theme of "Preventing fire risks and ensuring life safety" was organized in the conference room. All cadres and staff of the center participated in the activity。



First of all, it conveyed the "Plan of the city's fire Warning publicity and Education Month Activity" issued by the Office of the Kaifeng Fire Safety Committee, and watched the small video of fire science popularization according to the requirements of the program119 Fire alarm telephone, safe use of fire, electricity and gas, electric vehicle safe parking and charging, fire site self-rescue escape and other fire safety knowledge。

Through the fire safety publicity and education activities, all cadres and workers have further improved their fire awareness。Combined with the actual situation of the center, a major investigation of security risks was further conducted in each area, and daily inspections were carried out in key areas to ensure the smooth development of various work and lay a solid security foundation for trading activities。


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