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Strengthen theoretical Learning and Strive to be the "vanguard" of business

Release time: 2023-05-11 11:37:39 Number of page views: Author: Kaifeng Public resources trading information Network

 Reinforcement theoretical learning   争做业务“尖兵”


According to the center2023 annual learning plan, on the afternoon of May 10, in the central conference room, I organized to learn the relevant content of the "Operation Rules of State-owned Property Rights Trading of Enterprises"。


This study mainly explained the principles, transfer matters and transfer procedures that should be followed in the transaction of state-owned property rights of enterprises。Through the in-depth study of the operation rules of state-owned property rights trading of enterprises, the business theoretical knowledge of all employees has been enhanced and the business ability has been improved。

In the next step, the Center will adhere to the learning plan to regularly carry out business learning, strengthen business theoretical knowledge, constantly improve business knowledge and service level, and everyone will strive to do public resource trading business“尖兵”。


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